Womens Health and Family Services Videos

Fitness & Nutrition at WHFS

A short video focussing on the Fitness and Nutrition programs available at Womens Health and Family Services (WHFS) in Northbridge, Western Australia. These programs and services mentioned in this video are available free (or low cost) for clients of WHFS.

Introduction to the Rural in Reach Program

Rural in Reach (RinR) is a program coordinated through Community Resource Centres (CRC) to provide health information, support, consultations and training. This free service, delivered by Womens Health & Family Services, allows for private and confidential consultations with trained health professionals, including nurses and counsellors.

Community Talks

Managing Cultural Change: Dr. Ken Minkoff & Dr. Christie Cline

This video-link presentation was provided for community groups as part of the Rural in Reach (RinR) Program. Presented by Dr Cline and Dr Minkoff, both board-certified psychiatrists, this video looks at "Welcoming women and families with complex needs and delivering integrated care in rural and remote areas".

Menopause - What is Normal?

This community talk for the 'Rural in Reach' program addresses what is and isn't ‘normal’ regarding menopause, and how to best embrace it with style and grace. This talk was presented by Janet Pages-Oliver, Rural in Reach Health Consultant and Registered Nurse.

Respite and Care

This community talk is presented by Brett McDonald (Registered Nurse), who works for a network of Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centres which operate from selected regional locations. These Centres provide a link to and information about a wide range of community, aged care and support services, including services for those who provide care. Centres can also assist carers with options to take a break through short-term and emergency respite services.

Detection and Prevention of Skin Cancer

There is an increasing concern regarding skin cancer in Australia. This presentation will outline how people can reduce the risk of developing skin cancer by being SunSmart when the UV Index reaches 3 or above. It will also focus on the importance of early detection, which can lead to the successful treatment of over 95% of skin cancers. This community talk was presented by Lorena Chapman of the Cancer Council WA.

Men's Business

Presented by Dean Dyer, President of Men's Advisory Network (MAN)
Men suffer longer and die earlier than women by 5 years on average. Physical health, mental health and relationship health are often ignored. This presentation will enlighten, inform and inspire you. You will go away with: immediate steps you can take to live longer and happier.

Postnatal Depression

Presented by Janet Pages-Oliver, Registered Nurse and Family Therapist.
Postnatal depression affects up to 15% of childbearing women and their families. This talk will discuss signs and symptoms as well as practical help support options.

Child Nutrition

This talk will aim to simplify all the mixed messages that are out there around what we should be feeding our kids. Presented via video conference for the Rural in Reach program.

Single Sided Deafness

Single sided deafness is when a person is able to hear through only one ear. This talk, presented by the Ear Science Institute and coordinated through the Rural in Reach Program, discusses some of the causes of single sided deafness as well as treatment options.

Clinical Management of Herpes

This community talk was presented by Maria Garefalakis, from Sexual Reproductive Health WA, as part of the Rural in Reach program.

Breast Cancer Prevention and Awareness

Breast Cancer is the second most common cause of cancer in Australian women. This talk will be presented by the peak national cancer control organisation.

Need help adjusting to Baby and Change?

This community talk is an information session on a support group we are offering in 2015 in rural areas designed for women suffering from postnatal depression and anxiety. The support group will aim to provide women with some tools to cope with the thoughts and feelings that are commonly experienced by women after the birth of a baby. Featuring Janet Pages-Oliver (RinR Health Consultant) and Subhan Dellar (Coordinator, Perinatal Mental Health Program).

Resilience: Helping Your Teenager Bounce Back

Are you wanting to support the young people in your life? This talk will discuss what influences and pressures young people face today. Kim will present information on developmental stages of youth and peer pressure and its impact on mental health, self harm, bullying and drug use. There will be a focus on how you can support resilience in teenagers. Featuring Kim Ziapur, Rural in Reach Health Consultant.

Women and Ageing

This community health talk, is presented by Women’s Health specialist Dr Alison Creagh, discusses the changes that can occur as we age.

The Dangers of Asbestos in the Home

Are you thinking about renovating? Then do it safely and reduce the risk to yourself and your family. This community talk covers asbestos related diseases, identifying and locating asbestos in your home, handling asbestos, safe disposal and regulations.

Youth, Drugs and Alcohol

This talk, presented by Kim Ziapur and Sarah Broadhead from RinR, will discuss alcohol and other drug use amongst young people. Plus some treatment/support approaches.

Westlink 2016 Broadcast Series

Rural in Reach Westlink 2016 - Episode 1: Shimmy & Shake

This Westlink broadcast is something a little different - ‘Shimmy & Shake’, a very popular talk exploring creative ways to stay active using the ancient art of belly dancing. Join Tanja Luck, Health and Wellbeing Officer at Womens Health & Family Services, as she shows us how to use belly dancing to get into shape.

Westlink 2015 Broadcast Series

Rural in Reach Westlink 2015 - Episode 1: Family and Domestic Violence

This Westlink broadcast will discuss Family and Domestic Violence (FDV), the different types of FDV, how to identify when your are in an unhealthy relationship and support options.

Rural in Reach Westlink 2015 - Episode 2: Understanding and Responding to Eating Disorders

This episode will discuss the presenting characteristics of the three main eating disorders: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder. It will also discuss warning signs as well as the importance of early intervention. Presented by Sarah Broadhead (Rural in Reach Program), Jemma Caswell (Body Esteem Program Coordinator) and Kathleen Chinn (Body Esteem Program Service Development Coordinator).

Rural in Reach Westlink 2015 - Episode 3
The Significant Impact of Hearing Loss (Hearing Loss and Mental Health) 

Hearing loss affects people’s ability to communicate effectively and easily. Left untreated, it can lead to people becoming socially isolated, depressed and can result in reduced job opportunities, earning potential and even lower life expectancy. The panel will discuss the implications of this as well as support options available for rural communities and individuals. The Rural in Reach team and special guests Ear Science Institute Australia.

Rural in Reach Westlink 2015 - Episode 4
Understanding and Responding to Trauma 

According to Mental Health First Aid Australia (2015), trauma can be defined as an overwhelming emotional experience to a situation. What is traumatic is unique to the individual person - what is perceived as traumatic for one person may not be for another. Rural in Reach has invited other WHFS staff to be part of a panel discussion to discuss this complex and challenging experience. The broadcast will explore the definition, the impact upon children, adolescents and adults as well as ways of supporting people who have experienced trauma.
Panel: The Rural in Reach Team & other WHFS service areas

Westlink 2014 Broadcast Series

Rural in Reach Westlink 2014 - Episode 1: What is RinR?

This health and well-being broadcast will explains what the Rural in Reach Program is, how you can access it, and how people in Rural and Remote areas can access it. It also looks into general health and well-being, with a focus on people in rural Australia. Suitable for all age groups. This broadcast is being presented by the Rural in Reach team consisting of Fiona Reid, Sarah Broadhead and Janet Pages Oliver.

Rural in Reach Westlink 2014 - Episode 2: Mental Health Challenges for Young People

Mental health problems are emerging as a significant health concern for Australia's young people. This episode of the RinR broadcast discusses the most prevalent challenges facing youth in Australia, how to access support options, as well as what it means to be 'mentally healthy.

Rural in Reach Westlink 2014 - Episode 3: The Impact of Hearing Loss on a Child's Ability to Learn

The impact of a hearing loss is greatest for children as their brains are still developing. If not detected early, a hearing loss can change the way children speak, learn and interact with others. This episode of the Rural in Reach broadcast, presented by the Ear Science Institute, will discuss the importance of early detection and treatment.

Rural in Reach Westlink 2014 - Episode 4: Discussing Depression

Depression is the most common mental illness in Australia. With one in seven Australians estimated to experience depression in their lifetime. During this episode the Rural in Reach team and special guest Holly Ralph discuss what depression is, the signs and symptoms and how to get support for yourself or a loved one.

Rural in Reach Westlink 2014 - Episode 5: Bullying in the Home or in the Workplace

Bullying can happen to anyone. It might happen to you, your friend, colleague or someone online. People being bullied often feel powerless and alone, or worried about what the bully might do next. This episode the RinR team discusses different types of bullying, how to tell if someone is being bullied and how to combat bullying at home or in the workplace.

Rural in Reach Westlink 2014 - Episode 6: Alcohol and Pregnancy

Alcohol and Pregnancy – find out the current research and advice on alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

Rural in Reach Westlink 2014 - Episode 7: Hearing Difficulties, and its Impact on Working Life

This Rural in Reach talk, presented by the Ear Science Institute Australia, will discuss how hearing loss affects our working life and the ability to communicate with our colleagues.

Rural in Reach Westlink 2014 - Episode 8: Culture, Women's Health, and Wellbeing

Women from all walks of life and cultures approach their health and wellbeing using their background knowledge and experience. In this episode the panel explore the importance of acknowledging this diversity, and discuss how one size does not fit all with regard to health and wellbeing support.

Westlink 2013 Broadcast Series

Rural in Reach Westlink 2013 - Episode 1: Women's Health & Well-being

An introduction to the Rural in Reach program and a discussion of women's health and well-being, with Nicole, Janet, Sarah and Fiona from the Rural in Reach team.

Rural in Reach Westlink 2013 - Episode 2: Nutrition & Healthy Eating

A discussion on nutrition and healthy eating, with Janet and Sarah from the Rural in Reach team.

Rural in Reach Westlink 2013 - Episode 3: Osteoporosis

A discussion on Osteoporosis; what it is, its risk factors, effects, and what can be done to prevent it, with Janet from the Rural in Reach team and Kristy (Women's Health and Family Services nutritionist).

Rural in Reach Westlink 2013 - Episode 4: Stress & Anxiety

This fourth episode of the Rural in Reach broadcast series looks at Stress and Anxiety. In particular Janet, Sarah and Fiona from the Rural in Reach team focus on the different types of stress, what causes stress, how it can affect people, and what you can do to deal with.

Rural in Reach Westlink 2013 - Episode 5: e-Health

Kathy and Michelle from South West Medicare Local speak with Nicole (Rural in Reach Program Coordinator) about e-Health: What it means, why register and how to get your own e-Health record. Rural in Reach Westlink Broadcast - Episode 6: Menopause (July)

Rural in Reach Westlink 2013 - Episode 6: Menopause

Rural in Reach health consultant Janet and Joan (Womens Health and Family Services Clinic Manager) discuss Menopause, common symptoms and management strategies.

Rural in Reach Westlink 2013 - Episode 7: Hear with Confidence

The Rural in Reach team has a conversation with Sharon (Community Program Coordinator) and her colleagues, from the Ear Science Institute of Australia, about ear health and hearing awareness. The Ear Science Institute of Australia is renowned centre of excellence on ear health, associated hearing disorders and treatment. The Ear Science Institute of Australia provide service across WA through the LIONS Hearing Bus and other innovative Rural initiatives.

Rural in Reach Westlink 2013 - Episode 8 (Special): Men's Health Panel

Rural in Reach team host a panel discussion focusing on Men’s mental health and alcohol and other drug use. Featuring Heath Black (ex AFL player and writer), Dean Dwyer (Men’s Advisory Network) and Dr Paul Pule (Men Alive Australia). Alcohol use in regional WA is some of the highest consumption Nationally and suicide rates, particularly amongst young men, far out numbers their metro counterparts. This panel brings insight and experience, both personally and professionally, to these often difficult to talk about issues.

Rural in Reach Westlink 2013 - Episode 9: Let's Talk about Sex

Lets talk about sex! In this episode the Rural in Reach panel discuss incorporating responsible choices, being safe, your rights and where to go to access health, well being and contraceptive advice.

Rural in Reach Westlink 2013 - Episode 10: Positive and Negative Body Image

This health and well-being  broadcast will explore negative & healthy body images as well as practical tips about how you can improve your body image & self esteem. Suitable for all age groups.

Rural in Reach Westlink 2013 - Episode 11: The Silly Season – How to balance your indulgence over the festive break

To end the year, the Rural in Reach team presented their final Westlink broadcast 'The Silly Season -- How to balance your indulgence over the festive break'. In this last broadcast, the team explored what indulgence means and covered indulgent risks such as alcohol and other drugs, food consumption and finances. The team was joined on the panel with special guest Nona from Womens Health and Family Services.


Rural in Reach Program: Official Launch

In April 2012, the Rural in Reach program officially launched at the Womens Health & Family Services. This launch was in conjunction with the Western Australian network of Community Resource Centres (CRCs) and the Hon Brendon Grylls MLA, as well as several external rural and remote communities linking in via video conference. The Rural in Reach program gives people from all ages and backgrounds around WA access to free information, support, counselling using the latest video conferencing technology and referrals to specialised health programs and centres.