WHFS has 40 years of experience in working with vulnerable women and their families and we would like to share our expertise with you. Our workshops provide professional, evidence based information as well as practical strategies and resources for you and your organisation. Our workshops cover a range of issues and can be delivered face-to-face (our site or yours), online modules and regional/rural (also through videoconferencing). For further information please contact us at bookings@whfs.org.au.

If you’ve ever wondered “Why doesn’t she just leave?” this on demand, 8-lesson e-course is for you. From understanding the depth of coercive control, to gendered experiences of violence and victimisation, to victim resistance strategies, we’ve got you covered. Learn more.

This workshop will benefit health and social service professionals who are providing counselling. Students Welcome.

An important component of dealing with trauma is self-work: mending the relationship that a person has with themselves. Childhood trauma damages a person's sense of self, as energy goes into survival rather than self reflection and growth. Self-work is an essential part of healing and uses writing, art, dialoguing and creative activities. This workshop gives experience using several useful tools to consider when working with survivors of childhood trauma, (Based on Briere's Self-Trauma model)

Date: Thursday 18 July 2019

Time: 1pm - 3pm

Location: 227 Newcastle street, Northbridge

Cost: $40 members, $50 non-members

To Book: www.trybooking.com/BBFIW

This workshop gives helpful strategies to deal with a situation when someone discloses sexual assault.

This will be of benefit for those who work in health and social services, especially in non-clinical roles. It also can be useful for those counsellors who do not specifically deal with sexual assault or past abuse. Students are welcome.

Date: Thursday 15 August 2019

Time: 1pm - 3pm

Location: 227 Newcastle street, Northbridge

Cost: $20

To Book: www.trybooking.com/BBFIX

For more information contact bookings@whfs.org.au.

This workshop offers different strategies to manage aggressive clients.

It can be useful for those in non-clinical roles but also with staff who may be exposed to aggression and difficult clients in their therapeutic work.

Students are welcome.

Date: Thursday 12 September 2019

Time: 1pm - 3pm

Location: 227 Newcastle street, Northbridge

Cost: $20

To Book: www.trybooking.com/BBFJC

For more information contact bookings@whfs.org.au

This workshop is offered by request to organisations or individuals that are looking at preparing health and social service information for translation into community languages. The workshop is ideal for professionals who want to understand when you should translate information and the steps you need to prepare your information prior to translation. Cost available upon request.

Facilitator: Dr Susan Lee, Womens Health & Family Services

Dr Susan Lee holds a post-graduate diploma in Health Promotion, a Master in Public Health and a Professional Doctorate in International Health. Dr. Lee has worked for the past 27 years in health promotion with vulnerable groups of women including migrant and refugee women, Aboriginal women, women who have mental health and/ or alcohol and other drug issues and women who have experienced domestic violence. She has also worked extensively with service providers to build their capacity to work more effectively with these groups. Dr Lee has published nationally and internationally on different aspects of working with vulnerable population groups. 

Dr Lee’s current professional interests focus on cross cultural evaluation techniques, migrant and refugee maternal health in Australia, and the role of adult education in improving women’s lives and health status. Dr Lee was honoured in 2013 with the Individual Excellence Award, WA Multicultural Community Service Awards. This award was in recognition of her outstanding contribution, achievements, commitment, and vision to help strengthen WA’s rich and dynamic multicultural community.

If you are interested in this or any other WHFS training, please contact us at bookings@whfs.org.au for upcoming dates.

This walking tour is the perfect opportunity to visit key community based alcohol and other drug and mental health services, meet their staff, and find out about their programs. Get to know what kind of services and programs each of these agencies provides to people in the community.

The walking tour would be useful for service providers working with clients from migrant and refugee backgrounds as well as community leaders of migrant and refugee groups. Students welcome.

So come along with your walking shoes and hat for a walk with us on a sunny afternoon!

The walking tour starts and finishes at Women’s Health and Family Services 227 Newcastle Street, Northbridge


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