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The Partners in Recovery Program (PIR), Perth North Metro, lead by Black Swan Health, is an initiative that supports people with severe, persistent mental illness and complex unmet needs (as well as the needs of their carers and families). WHFS PIR Support Facilitators work with individuals whose mental health and complex unmet needs have significantly limited their ability to access appropriate coordinated support services.




PIR is available to assist eligible people who reside in the Perth North Metro area. PIR is available in other areas, to find out your closest provider and more information on PIR go to

Outreach and On-Site Services Available<

Outreach services are available, whereby staff can visit clients at their home or community. For individuals who are mobile and able to drive, meetings can be organised at the Northbridge office, or other appropriate locations i.e. coffee shop; this can be discussed with each client on an individual basis

Booking an Appointment

A referral form needs to be submitted by Black Swan before a support facilitator is assigned. Appointments can be made with the assigned support facilitator by calling them directly

For more information

For more information on PIR, Mental Health and individual services, please contact us on:
Phone:           6330 5400
For more information on Mental Health and Mental illness‚ visit: