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Each school term WHFS has a number of groups for WHFS clients and their children. Bookings are required for all groups as spaces are limited.

The times and dates listed on this page can change. It is important to contact WHFS to confirm the day and time of the group.

The groups listed below take place at the WHFS Service located in Northbridge (Newcastle Street) as well as Joondalup (Davidson Terrace). Please confirm the location of your group before attending.

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Term 4, 2021

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For most groups a crèche is available. Bookings are essential. A gold coin donation is appreciated.


For more information or to book your group and/ or the crèche, please contact WHFS.

Our preferred contact method is e-mail, info@whfs.org.au

If you need to speak to someone, please ring 6330 5400.

  • AGFS Play Group

    This group is for Aboriginal families and their young children. It features arts and crafts, sing-alongs, dress ups, fun outings and guest speakers.

  • Adjusting to Baby and Change

    A 9 week group program for women experiencing postnatal depression and/or anxiety.

  • Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program

    The Day Treatment Program is a ten-week psychoeducational group designed to offer education and support if you are experiencing difficulties with your alcohol and / or other drug use.

    The group will provide information and allow opportunities for discussion with other group participants with the aim of developing skills and a better understanding of how to cease or reduce the harm associated with your alcohol and / or other drug use.

    The Day treatment program is an open group /rolling group so participants can join at any time. Participants of the day treatment program are also encouraged to attend SMART recovery to help support their program.

    No appointment necessary, just walk on in!

    Contact wellness@whfs.org.au

    or call Karen on 0415 729 877

  • Arts, Craft and Coffee Morning

    The program will cover a range of arts and crafts including, patchwork, arts/craft of Aboriginal people such as basket weaving, pottery, painting, and working with wood and guest speakers.

    Aboriginal women are encouraged to join, learn and share their skills and cultural knowledge through arts and crafts.

  • Be Well Group

    This group is for women who are experiencing mental health challenges. It is an open group that meets weekly during school terms, where women can focus on recovery and life skills for their mental health and wellbeing, whilst connecting with other women with similar experiences.

  • Be Well Art Therapy Group
    • An 8-week creativity-based program
    • Art therapy is a way to understand feelings, events and aspects of our life.
    • Working with visual arts in a therapeutic way
    • This is a close group run twice a year in Term 2 and 4
  • Body Esteem

    This 20-week recovery focused group offers support for women experiencing an eating disorder, supports and assists women to make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing and to make and sustain positive change.

  • Bond With Your Baby

    A four week yoga and massage course for mothers and their babies. Experience how to take home yoga play time activities and massage techniques. Improve your mood, re-build your pelvic floor function, gain flexibility and strength plus take home some self-help tools for relaxation.

  • Circle of Security

    This 8 week program help parents improve their relationship with their child and learn how to understand and manage their child’s behaviour.

  • Engaging Adolescents

    A five week parenting course to understand adolescent brain development. You can learn practical skills for resolving challenging teen behaviors, build a stronger relationship with your teenager and make the best of your non-crisis conversations with them.

  • Mums, Bubs, Boobs and Coffee

    Socialise with other mums and get
    breastfeeding support from our Lactation
    Consultant Jenny

  • Get Off / Stay Off

    This group for women aims to strengthen motivation to overcome drug and alcohol issues.

  • MWAS Coffee Morning

    Multicultural Womens Advocacy Service coffee morning provides opportunities to develop friendships and participate in activities in a manner that is sensitive to cultural, religious beliefs and practices.

  • Walking Group (Joondalup)

    Indoors Joondalup/Whitfords shopping centres, Outdoors Joondalup.

    This free group takes place at various locations across the North Metro area. New Members are welcome. Contact WHFS Joondalup for more information on (08) 9300 1566.

  • Making sense of Motherhood

    A community group for new mothers.

  • Restore Yoga

    Restore Yoga provides relief from physical discomfort and helps to energise with restful poses. Learn a variety of breathing techniques to bring your mind, body, and emotional self into a blissful balance.

    Restore Yoga – Northbridge | Womens Health & Family Services (whfs.org.au)

  • Resilience Tools

    Are you finding it difficult to manage your stress and do you struggle with unwanted urges? Explore a 7-week course of creative ways to meditate, body awareness, mindfulness, and therapeutic techniques to support your resilience. A valuable self-help course with evidence-based tools to keep you on track during challenging times.

    Resilience Tools – Northbridge | Womens Health & Family Services (whfs.org.au)

  • Tai Chi

    Tai Chi’s slow, gentle and tranquil set of movements enables harmony in mind and body.
    It strengthens physical and mental well-being by:

    • improving balance
    • flexibility
    • muscle strength
    • energy
    • coordination
    • and mental awareness.

    Tai Chi for Intermediates – Joondalup | Womens Health & Family Services (whfs.org.au)

  • SMART Recovery

    SMART (Self-Management and Recovery Training) for people who want to work through any behaviour change.

    SMART Recovery is a free group program to help any problematic behaviour including addiction to alcohol or drugs, gambling, shopping, food, internet, relationships, or others.

    Guided by trained peers and professionals, participants come to help themselves and help each other in a safe and supportive space.

    No appointment necessary, just walk in!

    Contact wellness@whfs.org.au or call Karen on 0415 729 877


  • Moving On

    The Moving On program guides and supports women affected by family and domestic violence to develop pathways to education, training or employment within an 8 week program.

    For more information visit Moving On

Community Workshops

Besides the groups that run each term, WHFS also has a number of community workshops. More information about these is available here.

For more information on workshops for WHFS clients and community

View Community Workshops

For more information or to book your group and/ or the crèche, please contact
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