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The Body Esteem Program® is a service which offers support for women suffering from eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder.

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The program supports and assists women to make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing and to make and sustain positive change through a 20-week recovery focused group based on the self-help model.

New Resource

The Body Esteem Program has released the Eating Disorder Resources Directory for 2019. This directory contains a listing of services that are provided by private health professionals, community organisations and government departments in the Perth metropolitan area that either specialise, or have an interest in working to support people with eating disorders.

For more information on the Eating Disorder Resources Directory for 2020

Eating Disorder Resources Directory

Upcoming Groups

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What is a Body Esteem Self-Help Group?

A self-help group is different to a therapy group or treatment group. Self-help means that you set your own goals, take responsibility for learning, and make changes at your own pace. To do this you will be supported and guided in the process by facilitators with lived experience and the other members of the group.

A Body Esteem Self-Help Group is a safe place where you can talk about anything related to your eating disorder with women who can understand and empathise with you. Women who participate in the Body Esteem Self-Help Groups often find that they feel less ashamed, less isolated and more hopeful about the future.

Who are the Facilitators?

The Body Esteem Self-Help Groups are facilitated by women who have recovered from an eating disorder themselves. They will share their own stories of having an eating disorder, and offer support based upon their own experiences of recovery. All of the group facilitators receive on-going training and professional supervision in their work.

What is Involved?

The Body Esteem Guided Self-Help Groups follow a 20 week program;

  • The program is for women 18 years and over;
  • The Body-Esteem Self Help Groups meet once a week;
  • There is a group for women who experience Anorexia Nervosa or Bulimia and another group for women who experience binge eating;
  • All participants are required to access individual therapy in addition to the group;
  • Participants must meet certain requirements for inclusion in the group as the group is not therapy based; and
  • Once a group commences, no new participants can join.

Is the Body Esteem Self-Help Group for you?

Do you

  • Think about food and eating the whole day long?
  • Feel you are not allowed to eat?
  • Feel guilty after you eat something?
  • Regularly binge on food?
  • Vomit after eating?
  • Use laxatives or diet pills?
  • Always feel the need to exercise?
  • Let the scales determine your mood?
  • Find it hard to accept your body?

Many women who answer “yes” to these questions also feel they can’t talk about their concerns with others because they

  • Feel ashamed
  • Think that they don’t look like the stereotype of someone with an eating disorder
  • Are afraid no-one will understand them
  • Think they are over-reacting
  • Believe they do not really have an eating disorder
  • Believe they need to figure it out on their own

The Body Esteem Self-Help Groups are a safe space to share your experiences with other women who understand.


There is an upfront fee for participating in a group and the program is delivered in a central location to allow women from across the metropolitan area to participate.

How do I join?

If you would like to find out when the next group starts or to be considered for future groups, please telephone Womens Health & Family Services;

Phone: (08) 9300 1566, or

Email: BEP@whfs.org.au

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