Individual Dietetic Appointments

Our qualified dietitian, Carole, can assist you with:

  • Healthy eating and healthy lifestyle habits for physical and mental health
  • Healthy eating for
    • pregnancy
    • children
  • Controlling diabetes or choosing  low GI food, controlling blood sugar levels
  • Lowering  blood pressure or cholesterol
  • Managing food allergy’s
  • IBS
  • Ensuring you are meeting nutrition targets for vitamins, minerals and other key nutrients
  • Learning how to read food labels when shopping and choosing the best options when eating out
  • Menu planning and budgeting
  • Mindful eating

Appointments are typically one hour and are available at

Northbridge – 227 Newcastle St.      

When: Mondays 9:00 am – 3.30pm
Thursdays 2:00pm – 4:00 pm

Joondalup – Suite 6 Joondalup Lotteries House, 70 Davidson Terrace

When: Thursdays 9:00am to 12noon

To book an appointment with Carole phone: 6330 5474 or email:

Costs are:

$30 for non healthcare card holders

$15 for healthcare card holders

People with a GP chronic disease management plan will be bulk- billed under Medicare