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Family therapy focuses on the whole family as a system rather than each individual.

Family members operate and connect with each other in unique ways; no two families are alike. Family members all have their own personalities, communication styles, and perspectives that influence how the family system can adapt to life changes, situations, and adversity. Depending on the circumstances each individual will respond based on their resources and capacity to cope.

The aim within family therapy is to enhance a sense of belonging, connection, and communication within the relationships among family members that will impact overall well being. When families process through the challenges and problems they face as a whole, members are able to empathise with one another and establish stronger healthier relationships.

Coming together as a family for therapy creates opportunities for family members to:

  • improve communication and allow each family member to be heard
  • collectively identify strengths of their unique family
  • identify areas of unhealthy patterns of interaction that might be damaging to their relationships
  • problem solve and resolve conflict together rather than in isolation
  • start a conversation that might feel too difficult to have without assistance

Family therapy can involve working with couples, parents, children, siblings – individually or all together. The length of time that family therapy will take depends on the unique families’ goals set out in collaboration with their therapist.

As well as our Northbridge and Joondalup offices; The Family Therapy program also offer services in Midland and can be contacted here:


Family Therapy Services
Midland Junction Lotteries House
39 Helena Street, Midland WA 6056

Phone: (08) 6330 5400
Toll-Free: 1800 998 399
Email: familytherapy@whfs.org.au

For more information about Family Therapy or other services at WHFS, please contact
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(08) 6330 5400 familytherapy@whfs.org.au