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This page features links to factsheets and pamphlets of health information in a variety of topics. You will find many resources here from our partner Jean Hailes for Women’s Health.

New! – Cervical Screening Tests

As of the 1st July, a new less invasive approach to cervical cancer screening is now available. This self-collect method has the potential to significantly increase the number of women participating in cervical cancer screening and therefore will contribute to the prevention of cervical cancer rates in the community. All Australian women and people with a cervix aged between 25-74 years may be eligible to participate in self-collected samples.  Cervical cancer is a largely preventable disease, particularly when picked up early through screening.

Unfortunately, there is a significant proportion of people who are at high risk of developing the disease because they have missed, or have never participated in a screening test.

The CST project team from WHFS would love the opportunity to present information to members of your community in a sensitive and appropriate way. We will also be arranging some designated clinics for cultural groups who wish to participate in screening but are a little uncomfortable about the process. To arrange a convenient presentation time and provide an EOI please email CST Project lead mrobinson@whfs.org.au or contact the Health Promotion Team on 6330 5400.

Important NoticeWHFS Contact Information

Please note that the contact information for Women’s Health & Family Services may be out of date on some of the following factsheets and pamphlets. The current address and contact details for WHFS are available click here.

For Health Information in Language

The Health Promotion Services at WHFS stock hard copies of health information in a variety of different languages. Resources are also available to assist and/or train health professionals in supporting multicultural clients, such as the Drug and Alcohol Communication Images.

If you require health information in a particular language, please contact:

Phone: (08) 6330 5400

Email: info@whfs.org.au

Or to find out more about services supporting multicultural clients, please visit out Multicultural Services page.

Mindfulness Audio Series

WHFS Health promotion team have created a series of audio recordings on the topic of mindfulness. You can listen and follow along to these from your computer, tablet or phone while you’re on the go.

Listen to the Mindfulness Audio Series here

Urge Surfing Audio Series

Urge surfing Introduction

Urge Surfing Exercise

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