Perinatal Mental Health Services

Perinatal Mental Health Program

The Perinatal Mental Health Program provides therapeutic and support services to women diagnosed with or at risk of Postnatal Depression and Anxiety.

Groups central to this program include the:

Adjusting to Baby and Change (ABC) group, a 9 week Cognitive Behavioural Therapy based group for mothers with Postnatal Depression and Anxiety.
Making Sense of Motherhood Program, which is designed to help women with babies (who are not yet crawling) to develop confidence in their abilities as a new mum and to feel supported in getting to know their baby. It provides an opportunity for women to share their thoughts and feelings about adjusting to motherhood, and to explore coping strategies with others going through similar experiences.


Women are welcome to self refer or may be referred by their health professional.

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Contact the Perinatal Mental Health Team at or call on (08) 6330 5400

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