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Skye joined Womens Health and Family Services ParentsNext in September 2019.  At that time Skye was nervous about attending ParentsNext as she had been through some complex medical issues. 

It was Skye’s dream to study Midwifery or to become a Social Worker with DCP, she had some prior training in community services and youth work and wanted to build on this.  Skye and her ParentsNext consultant together looked at training options and she enrolled with TAFE to complete a Diploma of Community Services.

However, as Skye was about to start her Diploma, she found herself faced with unstable accommodation.  She needed a new place to live for her and her children.  She had experienced difficult past relationships and needed to feel safe.  Skye withdrew from TAFE and focussed on finding a private rental.  The rental market, however was too difficult to get into and when Skye attended her appointment with ParentsNext she expressed how much she was struggling.  Together Skye and her Consultant reached out to Salvation Army who were able to assist and provide Skye and her family with temporary but secure accommodation and further ongoing support for her son who has a serious medical condition.

Once in stable housing, Skye re-enrolled in her Diploma, with the help of the WHFS Career Counsellor.  She is now on her way to realising her dream of working to support others in the community.  Skye said, “while studying and being a mum is not easy, I know I am on the right track to someday give back and help others”.

“I was worried about attending ParentsNext, however they provided the support I have needed to stabilise my life and start to see the possibilities of achieving my dreams.”

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