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WHFS CEO Felicite Black Interview with RTRFM

9 February 2021

RTRFM’s Fiona Bartholomaeus and WHFS CEO Felicite Black

We are a non-government agency that supports vulnerable women who are victims of domestic violence, at risk of homelessness, suffer mental illness and or addiction and a myriad of other issues. We also support families and children that require family counselling and/or individual counselling.

The organisation just before Christmas underwent a massive renovation and refurbishment of its waiting room and Medical Clinic at its main site in Northbridge.

CEO of Women’s Health and Family Services Felicite Black joined ‘On the Record’ at RTRFM to discuss that women have been too afraid to attend medical appointments and check-ups for screenings due to the fear surrounding COVID-19 which is causing a significant drop in the numbers of new cancer cases officially reported. In due course this will potentially have flow on ramifications on health services from late screenings and in turn late diagnosis and limited treatment options.

Listen to Felicite’s interview here:

Visit the article on RTRFM here.

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