Womens Health & Family Services provides a professional counselling service for women over the age of 18. Counselling is short term and available for such issues as depression, anxiety and panic attacks, relationships and past trauma.


The cost of individual counselling sessions are:
  • $40 for women working full time
  • $20 for women working part-time
  • $10 for women who do not work or have a concession card
Fees can be negotiated based on financial hardship.


Women can be referred to counselling by a doctor, agency or health practitioner or women can self-refer. There is a waiting list for appointments, which is usually about eight weeks.

    Specific Counselling Programs

    WHFS counselling services are available to women for a variety of issues, however WHFS also offers programs for individual counselling on specific problems:
    • Counselling for Abuse by Health Professionals
      CAHP is a special program for women who have experienced trauma of some kind whilst seeing a health professional. This is a free service. Please contact Dianne Rickman (Counselling Program Manager) at info@whfs.org.au or (08) 6330 5400 if you would like to book an appointment.

    Making an Appointment

    If you would like to make an appointment, please contact reception on:
    Phone:          6330 5400
    Email:            info@whfs.org.au

    For more information

    For more information on WHFS services please email us on info@whfs.org.au

    If you do not have an email or need to speak to someone, please call (08) 6330 5400